Trust In The Blessing of God on You

Trusting/Obeying God is crazy.

[Gen 26:1, 12 NASB] 1 Now there was a famine in the land, besides the previous famine that had occurred in the days of Abraham. So Isaac went to Gerar, to Abimelech, king of the Philistines. … 12 Now Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold. And the LORD blessed him,

In times of famine, it is prudent to hold on to your seed because you run the risk of not getting much, if any, harvest. You are risking getting nothing and losing everything. Natural wisdom would suggest that you should wait until you are in more favorable times.

Isaac knew something. Naturally speaking, I am sure that Isaac knew that the physical conditions would call for withholding of seed. He knew something else. He knew he had something higher than the natural order of sowing and reaping. He had “the blessing.”

What is “blessing”?

Many years earlier, Isaac’s father, Abraham, had been blessed by God. This blessing had tremendous effects on his life in many areas. One such effect of the blessing was that it made him unusually rich. (Genesis 13:2) It was unusual to be in Abraham’s situation and to become very wealthy. Something else was at work that was outside of the natural order of life. It was the blessing that God placed upon him.

Abraham bestowed that blessing on Isaac. God honored that blessing on Isaac’s life. (Genesis 25:11) Isaac saw what the blessing did in his father’s life. He knew that the blessing would be effective in his life.

So, Isaac, in full faith in the blessing of God on his life, risked his seed by sowing it in an adverse situation. He received an unusual result. Not only did he get a harvest, but he also received a hundredfold. That would mean that he got more than the usual harvest in a famine.

We have the same blessing that Isaac had.

In Galatians 3:13-14, we find out that we have the same blessing on Abraham and Isaac. Just like in their lives, this blessing affects many areas of our lives, including prosperity. Some might argue against that point, but why would the blessing affect their prosperity but not ours?

What does that mean for us?
It means that sometimes, we have to do something that makes no sense to see the effects of the blessing. (A word of caution: you mustn’t be presumptuous and foolish. Follow what God wants you to do.) Isaac was a farmer. He planted the seed. He did not “yeet” himself off a mountain. There is a difference.

Here is what this can mean for us in 2020 dealing with the results of a pandemic. 
1. Keep seeking God and His Plan for your life.
2. Be ready to invest in the vision God has placed in your heart. Dream big.
3. Be willing to take calculated and God-directed risks.
4. Continue to pay your tithe and sow your offerings.
5. Release your faith by confessing with your mouth and believing with your heart that God is with you.

The natural order of things would tell us to play it safe. Live in fear. Stop expecting things to get better. Quit giving. Speak negatively.

Do something crazy. Believe that the blessing on you through Jesus Christ is stronger than the adverse environment you find yourself in today. 

Pray this prayer: “Father, I thank You, that You have blessed me with the same blessing that was on Abraham and Isaac. This blessing is stronger than any adversity that I am facing today. I ask You to show me how to activate that blessing. I will obey You. I refuse to fear. I will continue to tithe and give offerings. I expect that You are bringing Your promises to pass in my life. Your blessing on me powerful and effective, in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

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